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Tell your story with data visualisation.

Data Storytelling (visual by

A lot of organisations do great things, things that are often not very well known. There are a lot of things happening in society that are worth knowing, but that are hidden in large sets of data.

If we know these facts, how do we communicate them, because our audience will most likely not have the time or the skills to do analyses of our data.

A picture says more than 1000 words and a picture that tells a story based on facts and data is very convincing. When we analyse the data, we see patterns and patterns make stories. We can tell stories to people that do not (necessarily) understand all we see, but that understand what it amounts to. Very important, it is based on data and we can even show the raw data that we have used (how is that for transparency).

Data storytelling is not so much an art as a skill. That is also where we meet with you. You know the data and what it means, we make the story together and we visualise the data.

We help you telling your story to the world!