Be Found

Get your business found on Google search results!

When your website and your content rank high, relevant people will much easier find you, contact you and do business with you.

We have great experience to make sure your website and content adhere to (sometimes unwritten) requirements of search engines (Search Engine Optimisation or short SEO).

We can audit your website on technical and content aspects, so that we can establish a baseline SEO performance. We have a long list of aspects that we check: how fast do pages load, how well do they present on mobile devices, what is the website structure, how are the pages written, etc.

We help you with a strategy to improve your ranking. Aspects range from changes to website structure, more suitable structure for your content, a content calendar to regularly add content to your website, technical improvements to your website, etc.

We will also get you up-to-speed with SEO, so that you understand what it is all about, decide what and how much you want to do yourself and better understand the issues at stake.

We are your flexible workforce, from full service to regular health checks.